Pre Planning Sessions With Synk

Pre-Annual Planning Accelerator Session

How can we secure more input from your execution leaders as we plan for a successful year? How do we create more ownership of your Annual Plan among your frontline leadership? How can your executive team spend less time in day-to-day execution and more time on growth and strategic planning?

High-Performance Senior Leadership Teams Have Discovered the Secret to Developing a Success Annual One-Page Plan … By Intentionally Engaging Their Execution Leaders in the Process.

The Pre-Annual Planning Accelerator Session brings together your execution leaders, where you will identify and include them while further training and developing these leaders in collaborative business planning.
The full or half day, depending on final scope and number of participants, includes:

A collaborative session with small groups of 3-4 providing frontline feedback and perspective to the senior team on your Annual Plan:

  • Bright spots for the current year
  • SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Top Five Priorities – Can you agree on what these might be for the upcoming year?
  • An executive briefing to the senior team in each on each of the items above, with interactive discussion among participants
  • A post-session “team time” for further team and relationship development

Result: A More Efficient Senior Team Annual Planning Process With a Greater Portion of Time Invested in Growth Strategy and People Development

Additional Results:

  • An energized group of execution leaders, who have contributed to the Annual Plan for the upcoming year
  • Greater ownership of the Annual Plan among execution leaders and their teams
  • More senior leadership time spent working “on the business” rather than “in the business”

Client Testimonial

“Last year we embraced the execution leaders Pre-Annual Planning Accelerator Session, and it made a real difference in the engagement and ownership of our 2012 Annual Plan!”
Andy Warren, CEO, Maracay Homes


What is the best time frame for hosting a Pre-Annual Planning Acclerator Session?
Anywhere from the day before to 30 days prior to your annual planning session.

Who is included in the Pre-Annual Planning Accelerator Session and why?
The session typically includes 8 to 20 of your execution leaders. The senior team is not included in the collaborative session with the emerging leaders, BUT are included in the executive briefing at the end of the session and in the team building exercise.

Where is the best place to hold the session?
At a location that will ensure the emerging leaders can safely and confidently express their views, while minimizing day-to-day operation distractions and interruptions. This is typically an offsite location near the office.


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