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Using a simple visual analogy of “moving rocks” and “pushing sand” the Rock & Sand Model helps business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs understand the connection between strategy and execution while giving guidance on what to do about it.  It’s easy to understand, compelling, and very practical. It’s a straightforward methodology you can apply right now to unleash the growth within your company.

It’s a Book and it’s a PBS Special, available on DVD and Streaming Video from Amazon and Amazon Prime.  Wholesale pricing for multiple orders of books coming soon.  

Learn How to Put Rock & Sand to Work For You

Michael's approach is simple. This book doesn't drown you with huge facts and figures of multi-national companies. He makes it practical for the small business and what it is going to take to grow your business. My team watched the video first before asking Michael to help us with a retreat and it greatly improved our ability to make the time meaningful. 16 months later, we are on our way to delivering the 10 year vision. Thanks Michael.

Jarrett Atkinson

General Manager, Comfort Products

Most business books are 50 pages of great content among the 300 pages in the book. Michael found a way to give us 50 pages of great content in 50 pages. Practical, straightforward and beneficial to anyone that owns or leads a business. Well done. I have just purchased copies for all of my clients.

Dave Baney

55 Questions LLC.

I love this book.  It is very practical. Direct and to the point with no nonsense. I call this "the book that is usually buried in the book". What I mean is, Michael has found a way to nail the content without the several hundred pages of other nonsense. I have begun giving this to all my clients and am requiring that all my leadership teams read it before we take them through their annual planning cycles.

Keith Upkes

GI Coaches

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