Growth Tools

Links to growth tools that provide proven, effective tools for educating, hiring, training, and aligning your team.

Predictive Index(TM), a validated behavioral assessment, is a proven tool for helping team members understand their behavioral tendencies and become self aware of their strengths and weaknesses, without being judgmental.  When team members share their behavioral profiles they align themselves around their collective strengths and weaknesses, improving team performance and effectiveness.  Communcation barriers are broken, collaboration is enhanced, teamwork increases and achievements come faster.  It’s accurate, easy to complete and understand, and creates breakthroughs for you team.  I’m a certified Predictive Index Ambassador and my clients have found the assessment to be valuable tool for aligning their teams and unleashing growth.

Gravitas Impact coachThe Gazelles Growth Institute (GGI),  a great growth tool, is a library of more than 50 on-demand online courses from the top thought leaders in the country, experts who have presented at the Fortune/Gazelles Summits over the years or are the de facto thought leader/expert in their field. I require all coaching clients to invest in a subscription; it accelerates learning and subsequent growth: Subcriptions to the Gazelles Growth Institute are available that enable you to access all 50+ courses and share them with the entire team.

Align Today! is a cloud-based strategy/execution dashboard that aligns your team around the quarterly priorities of your One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) by making it visible to everyone one .  It tracks real-time progress on your priorities. Designed by a Gazelles Coach, it’s designed to support The Four Decisions Model, The Rockefeller Habits, and the OPSP. It’s time to Align!

Learn more about how you can avoid costly mis-hires and build a complete team of high-performing A Players. Topgrading, The Right Way to Hire. People. It’s what defines a company. Topgrading focuses on the single most important aspect in the talent management lifecycle: hiring A Players. As the only proven methodology for achieving consistent hiring success, Topgrading can help your company boost overall performance by making sure you not only have the right people in place, but the best. Topgrading offers a flexible range of services and training opportunities that you can deploy right now. Either go click on the link on the logo or the link above or go to and use affiliate code “187075” to get discounted pricing. Either way works.

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