Rock & Sand (TM)

Rock & Sand is both the title of my book and the name of my practice.  I’m been a Teacher, Speaker, Author, and Coach  to Mid Market CEOs / Business Owners and their teams for about twenty years now.  I’m located in Memphis, Tennessee and practice primarily in West Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Mississippi, but with remote tools, I’m able to help clients just about anywhere in North America.

Rock & Sand is also a model, a language, and a starting point that serves as “The Bridge Between Strategy and Action” for an organization. It uncovers opportunities and the means for acting on them, while creating the team alignment necessary for unleashing growth.

7 Attributes of Agile Growth (TM)

While all organizations face obstacles to growth, agile organizations learn how to overcome them. This doesn’t happen by accident; agility comes as they develop a set of attributes that enable them to address the obstacles and turn them into opportunities.  My coaching community, Gravitas Impact, has developed a curriculum and set of tools for building these attributes, the seven attributes are:




Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches (TM)

I’ve been a member of Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches for 17 years and I’m the second longest tenured member.  Gravitas is a worldwide community of 95 coaches, that draw upon each other and a common set of core values and purpose, to develop and bring the best education, coaching and tools to Mid Market CEOs / Owners and their teams.  Think of us as the “Harvard(like) of Mid Market Coaching.  To learn more about Gravitas Impact click here.

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