Business Tune Ups

Do you need to get ready for growth, to assess where you stand so that you can move forward faster? Growth opportunities exist for your company and most likely you are aware of them. What keeps you from acting on them? Cash Flow? Lack of Talent? Poor Processes? 

That’s where the Business Tune Up comes in. It’s a short term coaching engagement with long term impact. Three coaching sessions with you and your leadership team, taking stock of your Cash Flow, Talent, and Key Processes to determine your readiness for growth and the proper path forward.  (Scroll down for a detailed video description).

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Tune Up–“Cash is King” and you can’t grow if you don’t have enough of it. A Cash Flow report is compiled from your financial statements, both P & L and Balance Sheets. You’ll learn where you stand, and then we complete a “what if” exercise I call “The Power of One” which helps you determine which of 7 different financial measures you can leverage, to increase your Cash Flow. (Unfortunately I’ve found that most bankers and accountants are not well prepared to help you with Cash).


  • Talent Review and Tune Up–Growth goes a lot faster with the right people on your bus. Together we’ll conduct a thorough talent review, at the end of which you’ll know who your “A”, “B”, and “C” Players are and what to do to get 80% or more of them to “A.” (As with Cash, Human Resource and Personnel experts are also often ill equipped to help you with this.)


  • Key Processes Review and Tune Up–Growth goes hand in hand with good processes. Together will identify the processes that are key to growth, determine accountability for them, create metrics for measuring them, and if need be map out the most disorganized processes. (Process improvement specialists can be helpful, but often they are overkill. This session will help your team can figure this is you need this expertise.)

A Complete Business Tune Up will determine for you where you stand on Cash Flow, Talent, and Key Processes and delivers a defined “Who, What, When” plan of actions to take to get your obstacles to growth out of the way and start unleashing growth.  Single Topic Tune Ups are available in Cash, Talent, and Key Processes.

Make arrangements for any of the Tune Ups by contacting In-Synk via the email in the contact section of this site or at the bottom of each page.

If you are thinking you need a more comprehensive Strategic Plan, the In-Synk Business Tune Up will definitely get you ready for that. Cash, Talent, and Processes are all addressed in an effective Strategic Plan.

Low cost and low risk, the Business Tune Up will move your company forward and unleash the growth your are looking for.