Rock & Sand: A Practical Approach to Business Growth

The Rock & Sand Model works like this:  Front cover

First you have deep dialog with your team to define and establish your organization’s “Context” for strategy.  The “Cores” of the business.  They include

  • Core Purpose, Core Values, Core Strengths, Core Customers, and Core Promise

Then the team dialogs on the “Successful Outcomes” they would achieve if they  successfully executed on the Cores, setting milestones for the future.

  • Ten Years Out > Three Years Out > One Year Out
  • Vision > Key Thrusts > Rocks

Finally, the team dialogs and decides on the specific Rocks to move and the Sand to push in the next 90 days.

  • Sand = the existing operational activities of the business that generate cash
  • Rocks = specific new projects/initiatives that make it easier to push more sand

A lengthier explanation from the Rock & Sand DVD”

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Strategic planning is exciting and sexy. Deciding what comes next and then executing it is confusing and difficult. Rock & Sand takes the mystery out of these critical steps. The model is clear and compelling. It’s a practical and straightforward insight that will move your organization forward.  Michael Synk has moved an important rock for all of us.” 
-Verne Harnish, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits