Gazelles Certified Coaching

Intensive and effective coaching for executive teams that want to grow

  • Is your team aligned around a strong, executable strategic plan?
  • Is your team engaged and collaborating at the level required to deliver the desired results?
  • Is the team growing at the pace needed to successfully compete in your market?

Coaching starts with a planning retreat with the leadership team that defines the strategy for the organization for the upcoming year and outlines the first ninety days of execution. Every quarter thereafter the team reconvenes, the plan is debriefed, and re-loaded for the next ninety days. In between additional coaching and education is delivered to support that quarter’s plan of action.

Michael Synk is the Gazelles Certified Coach in the Mid South area and covers St. Louis and Little Rock as well. As such, he is eminently qualified, by virtue of rigorous training and high standards of qualification to advise business leaders in the proven, results-based Gazelles methodologies: specifically, Scaling Up, the Rockefeller Habits, the One Page Strategic Plan and the Four Decisions™ Model.

Above and beyond this specialized training, Michael, also brings impressive practical experience and business savvy to his consulting practice. To find out more about getting started,  Contact Us.

Michael Synk’s short book Rock & Sand: A Practical Insight to Business Growth is an excellent overview of what’s involved in creating a strong, executable strategic plan. It’s available in paperback and digital formats via For a quick YouTube preview click below or go to