In-Synk Executive Alignment

Executive Alignment is as important as Strategic Alignment. Each member of your team has a unique behavioral style that when recognized and aligned with the unique behavioral styles of the others on the team, enhances team effectiveness. Communcation barriers are broken, collaboration is enhanced, teamwork increases and achievements come faster. The In-Synk Executive Alignment takes your leadership team’s game to a higher level.

The Predictive Index ™ Behavioral Assessment is the proven tool I use to faciliate the In-Synk Executive Alignment. It has a 60 year track record and has been repeatedly validated for accuracy. It’s easy to administer and take, the model is straightforward and useful, the profiles are short and to the point. Your team members will quickly learn what their behavior styles are, how they impact others, and how to better interact as a team.

Here’s how I conduct an In-Synk Executive Alignment:

  • About two weeks prior to the alignment each team member will take the assessment online.  It takes between 10 to 20 minutes.  Your team members will find it easier to complete that other assessments they have taken previously.
  • We’ll convene a working session (usually 3 hours) with the team, where I’ll explain the model, it’s history, and the format of the profiles
  • Each team member will read their profiles, map out their behavioral styles, and then compile a set of recommendations of the best ways to collaborate with them as well as recommendations on what to avoid.
  • Each team member every other team member to create an an Alignment Guide, by charting out their behavior styles and compiling specific recommendations from each of them on how to collaorate for best effect.
  • Finally, we’ll debrief together on how to best put to use what has been learned about each other to better align the team.

The In-Synk Alignment will take your team to a new level of engagement, helping your organization grow.

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