Gazelles Certified Coaching and Strategic Planning

“Michael Synk's Rockefeller Habits and Strategic Planning sessions with CodeCrew were well worth the investment. In just a short period, CodeCrew has already been positively impacted and I believe we will not only stay focused on a solid strategy, but also soundly execute such that we can fulfill our mission and achieve our vision. I highly recommend companies of all stripes, including startups and nonprofits like us, to take advantage of the first-class insights gained from participating in these sessions.”

Meka Egwuekwe

Executive Director, Founder

Code Crew

“Michael is awesome! Really. The help Michael has given our 3rd generation, 70 year old business has been inspiring to everyone on our team. "Team" That is what Michael has helped us develop, a hungry, humble, smart group of individuals working together towards a common goal. Often times we get stuck inside the walls of our day to day grind, and forget to look past our own desk to see how we are affecting each other with-in our own business, and question "How is this affecting our overall performance? Is my team engaged ? Have things become stale ? I feel like we are just pushing sand around ? Are we planning for the future in a meaningful way?" Michael isn't going to put you in a box or wave a magical wand to discover the answers to those issues. He's going to help educate you and your people on finding ways to answer them yourself in a meaningful way that will encourage growth and focus with in your entire company. Since working with Michael in early 2015 our management team is more engaged, focused, and communicating at a higher level than ever before. This is all in thanks to the thoughtful attention, techniques, and knowledge Michael has brought to our team.”

Robert Caen

Vice President

Uniform Masters

“As the CEO and owner of Arcom Systems, I realized that our company needed help in the development but more importantly the execution of a strategic plan. Synk has done an outstanding job of helping us move our ideas and dreams to a reality. He is gifted in leading and training us through a process that will benefit our company for years to come. Please reach out to me if you would like to know more about Synk and the Scaling Up system - I wholeheartedly endorse Synk.”

David Watson

CEO and Owner

Arcom Systems

“Working with Michael has been a great experience. He is encouraging and quickly makes you feel comfortable while addressing gaps and opportunities for improvement. He is a great listener and has a unique ability to get to understand the complexities of any obstacles, impediments, challenges and inefficiencies and quickly find ways to make improvements. I would recommend Michael to anyone who is thinking about growth and realizes that status quo isn’t working. He has helped me get a better handle on how to grow my business.”

Don Adams

Owner and CEO

Mid-South Casters

“Michael Synk worked with our company for a day and a half session. In a day and a half we worked through personal and company traits that have derailed us for years. We also worked on strengths, weaknesses and core values. We made more progress in this time frame working with Michael than we have in years. All this has led us to move ahead and hire Michael to continue our progress. I could not be more happy with the entire teams commitment to want to work with Michael Synk. ”

Marc Taillion


Corrective Asphalt Materials

“Michael presented to my EO forum group on the topic of leadership and it was great. He led an interactive workshop and made great use of the hour. We came away energized, more informed, and excited to implement some of the ideas Michael had shared with us. I would definitely recommend him.”

Kelsey Meyer


Influence & Co

“Synk helped our team develop a clear direction and rhythm. We've tried setting goals before but lacked the execution strategy to achieve those goals. Synk's coaching is helping our team develop the right habits and has put us on a much more focused and successful trajectory.”

Cody Hopkins

General Manager

Grassroots Farmers' Cooperative

“We engaged Michael over two years ago to help us reinvent ourselves. Our business, though profitable, lacked the focus and vision to get to the next level. We felt like we were spinning our wheels and just running in place. With Michael’s help, we came up with long and short term goals, we identified the tasks that would lead to our goals, and started holding ourselves accountable to perform those tasks. We are still a work in progress, but I feel that hiring Michael was the best decision that I have made in years.”

David George


Mills Wilson George

“Michael has been a much needed source of support in coaching me and our team through a challenging transition. We developed our company's core values, purpose, and promise as the necessary foundation for how we were going to move forward. He has helped me think through hiring needs and the need to "top grade" the open positions, His coaching helped our group define the top priorities for each quarter and for the year. We now have a clear path forward and a strategy of execution to help us meet our goals. Thank you for all you have done for us Michael.”

Jarrett Atkinson

Vice President

Comfort Products

“Through the recommendations of trusted advisors, I sought out a business coach from the Gazelles which took me to Memphis to attend a one-day workshop hosted by Michael Synk, a Gazelles business coach and published author of Rock & Sand. Over 2015 Michael has helped me analyze every aspect of my business, and where change was needed he effectively coached me on execution by tapping into the tools and techniques offered through the Gazelles and has own personal expertise as a trusted business advisor. As a direct result of my decision to engage Michael I have witnessed not only a dramatic change in my business’s performance but also in my qualities as an effective leader, and my ability to achieve a healthy balance between family, personal and business goals. Investing in Michael Synk to be my professional business coach has been the best business and personal decision I made in 2014.”

Bryce Rutter



“Michael Synk has been coaching me and my company (Dillard Door & Security) for 12years now, and it has been a really big help. He's helped us create a solid strategic plan, and even more important, he makes sure that we execute the plan. If you are a CEO or business owner, you know that it’s easy to get distracted from the "main things" you need to be doing to move the company forward. Michael makes sure we maintain focus on the "main things" and as a result we are more successful at moving the rocks and pushing the sand. Even though we're a good team of talented people, Michael helps us over-perform and make good decisions. It's been a great investment. If you want your organization to grow, you should make a similar investment ”

Chris Bird


Dillard Door & Security

“In December 2014 we began using your Strategic/Execution Coaching Package. After six months of using your program we have seen noticeable improvements in our company's performance. With your direction our Management Team has lead their departments to impressive results. With your help each day our employees are recognizing each other for performing our core values. Our people have embraced these values and have aligned themselves to attain our company objectives. You also taught us to avoid undertaking too many objectives. Instead you directed us to limiting ourselves to select ing two to three major improvements per quarter. For the second consecutive quarter we have accomplished each of our improvement objectives. Our people are excited about their jobs and about the direction of our company.”

Robert Caen


Uniform Masters

“Thank you again for a great presentation!!!! You are passionate and good at what you do…and it shows!”

Linda Delaney

Emerging Leaders Program Director

City of Memphis, Office of Talent Development

“Michael Synk has been working with our company for six months and is having a very positive impact on our organization by helping us all pull in the same direction to achieve our short term goals. He has helped us identify our mission but more importantly he is giving us the tools to accomplish it. He helps our cash flow!!!”

Tommy Peters


BB Kings

“Michael is passionate about helping companies recognize and focus on their strengths and polish their weaknesses. His expertise in coaching and utilizing the "Rockefeller Habits", helps position your team to build and execute your strategy of "pushing sand and moving more rocks". His model can be used by any business of any size”

Daphne Large


Data Facts, Inc

Clarity Council

Business Growth Series

“Michael has been incredibly helpful in guiding me through the daunting task of putting together a strategic business plan. He breaks it all down in a way that brings more clarity and ease to the process than I had ever imagined. I am grateful for his expertise and knowledge.”

Joe Murphy


Music For Aardvarks

“I have more takeaways here that any other session I ever attend, even full day sessions.”

Michael Drake

Master IT

“As a consultant and business coach, Michael provides a critical service forbusiness owners. He brings to the table a wealth of resources and creativity. In athorough but diplomatic fashion, he holds his clients accountable to take stepsnecessary for growth and improvement.”

Jonathan Frase

Frase Protection, Inc.

“After being in business five years, Michael was able to show me in forty minutes…about a 1000 ways to improve my business. I’ve never seen a more effective speaker in such a short period of time show me so much to improve my business.”

Matt Wilson

Swanky's Taco Shoppe

Book Review